Seminar provides training for CIMA Inspections

Seminar provides training for CIMA Inspections

April 7, 2017
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A unique seminar aimed at helping local financial services firms deal with regulatory inspections from CIMA will be held at the Kimpton Resort on April 20th.

The seminar features an expert panel featuring industry professionals and senior members of CIMA’s onsite inspection team and is aimed at helping CEOs and compliance staff better understand how to prepare for and deal with issues surrounding CIMA inspections.

“Having helped many firms to handle onsite inspections in the past, the experience does highlight some common mistakes and challenges that can negatively impact their onsite inspections experience,” said Mr Paul Byles, Director of FTS and the main presenter at the event.

Other speakers at the event include Ms Angela Mele and Mrs Sandra Edun-Watler (President of the Compliance Association), both former CIMA employees, as well as Mr Jordan Mclean, current Senior Analyst in CIMA’s Onsite Inspection Unit. In addition, other senior members of CIMA’s Onsite Inspection Unit will be present, including Unit Deputy Head, Mr Kenton Tibbetts.

The seminar is being sponsored by RiskPass, a well-known local compliance consulting and training firm. “RiskPass is very pleased to partner with FTS on this key seminar and based on the agenda and experts involved we are confident that this seminar will add unique value to managers and compliance staff”, said Ms Angela Mele of Risk Pass.

Mr Kenton Tibbetts Deputy Head of CIMA’s Onsite Inspection Unit explained that the training opportunity helps in the overall onsite inspection process.

“CIMA is happy to participate in this event because it helps for licensees to better understand our regulatory processes, including onsite inspection and its purpose. Our onsite Inspection team looks forward to fielding questions during the panel and helping to clarify any issues.” Mr Tibbetts said.

The event will be held from 8:30am to noon at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and registration is already underway. Anyone interested is encouraged to register at here before April 15th as spaces will be limited.

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