‘CRS 101’ seminar aims to help firms prepare

‘CRS 101’ seminar aims to help firms prepare

March 22, 2017
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Paul Byles

Paul Byles, Director of FTS

As local financial services firms look to finalise their preparations for the OECD’s Common Reporting Standards (CRS), a seminar aims to help them to be ready for the country’s latest financial services initiative.

Local consulting firm FTS is organizing a seminar on April 11th entitled ‘CRS 101’ which will feature speakers on topics such as the essentials of CRS, differences between CRS and FATCA and a hands on case study on how to prepare for the key elements of the new information exchange regime.

“While many firms are very prepared for FATCA, CRS is a more recent initiative so it helps to provide some extra help as we are nearing the first key deadlines in April and May of this year”, said Mr. Paul Byles, Director of FTS.

Mr. Byles said that the event will be hosted at the Ritz Carlton on April 11th and is a half-day seminar structured as a no frills direct training exercise.

“The seminar is for CEOs, managers, compliance staff and anyone directly involved in onboarding of new clients in their firms”.

April 30th is the initial deadline for local financial services firms to provide certain information to the Department of International Tax Cooperation (DITC) while May 31st is the first CRS reporting deadline.

Duncan Nicol, Director of the DITC

One of the speakers at the seminar will be Mr. Duncan Nicol, Director of the DITC.

“The DITC has been working with industry to prepare for the implementation of CRS, and seminars such as CRS 101 support these efforts by helping local financial services firms to fine-tune their preparations”, said Mr. Nicol.

Firms interested in registering should go here to do so before March 31st.

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