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Offshore: Perception and IFCs – How have they fared?

March 1, 2016
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IFCs should use objective measures of their perception to better tackle the reputational challenge.

For the most part, anyone listening to the debate on offshore centers (or IFCs) would conclude that despite the jurisdictions spending millions of dollars on improving their regulatory infrastructures and public relations, there remains a significant negative perceptions of so-called “tax havens.”

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Cayman’s local lesson from the foreign media culture

February 2, 2016
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British journalist Jacques Peretti in Cayman.

All the fuss over the recent BBC documentary should not be about its content but rather how we managed to get “spun” so easily by a journalist yet again.

The BBC documentary “Britain’s Trillion Pound Island” was a classic example of a piece of entertainment posing as an insightful documentary. Before launching into a criticism of the documentary, we should recognize that there were in fact many moments of truth in it.

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